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A birthday message to Brandon

I know that public attention isn’t your thing. I know that you never believe anyone who tells you how awesome you are. And I know you always think you can do better. So I know that you’ll feel uncomfortable the whole time you read this blog post.

But I also know just how insanely hard you work, every single day, to support my dreams even when it means your plans might sometimes get put on the back burner. I see how you constantly put others above yourself and go out of your way for someone in need, even if you know they’d never be able to do the same for you. I see your knowledge and talents in so many areas and I see that it’s hard to even hone in on one thing because you’re good at everything you try, despite you thinking you’re not.

I watch as you try to make everything you touch perfect. How you’ve taken the boy scout motto of leaving things better than you found them to heart and you work every day to perfect that which is in front of you. From editing the thousands of photos we take, to remodeling our home, to writing and marketing your book, and creating relationships within the church body and beyond; you have shown that there is no limit to your talent, your passion and your effort.

Looking back on early years, I thought I had it good. But I had no idea just how much better it could get. How much you would transform into the man you are today. The man everyone turns to for advice, the man who lovingly serves without complaint, the man who brilliantly creates and is never satisfied with good enough. A compassionate and quiet leader, an innovative dreamer and builder, a dedicated friend and husband; all while in the shadows of whoever you’re helping at that moment. You never seek recognition, but you have truly earned it. I’m thankful for your faithfulness, in the small things and the large. I’m thankful that you have stayed true to who you are and grown into a better and better version of yourself every day and every year.

On your birthday, I want all of our readers to know just how special you truly are, not only to me and to our business, but to those around you as well. How you’re behind the scenes like a magician making sure things run smoothly. And all of those times that you fix my mistakes quietly so no one knows. And how you think of things ahead of time so we are always prepared for anything that comes our way. I am so grateful for everything you do, and I only wish other people had an inside view to know just how much you are always doing for other people. They may never know, and even though you’re ok with that, I’m not. So here’s hoping these birthday letters show them a tiny glimpse of your awesomeness. May all the days of you hiding from the credit you truly deserve catch up to you and may you be overwhelmed with love today and beyond. 🙂

Here’s to you, dear husband. I wish you the happiest of birthdays and I cannot wait to see what this year holds for you!

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