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Emma & Easton – Rainy Day Fall Farm Wedding in Cookeville, Tennessee

Emma and Easton got married in October and the forecast showed rain ALL.DAY.LONG. Fortunately, all Easton cared about was making Emma happy, and all Emma cared about was getting married. These two and their families have the best hearts and they didn’t let the rain ruin their day, not even by one drop. The leaves were starting to turn, and even if we had to run for the cover of the barn shortly after the first look, everyone was so kind, patient and…well, HAPPY! This group of bridesmaids, groomsmen and large family all gathered under one shelter with us as

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Alyssa & Chuck – Intimate Fall Elopement on the Family Farm, Alpine, Tennessee

Alyssa and Chuck have a beautiful life together. They work hard in the cattle industry as well as cater some lovely farm-to-table events. Their love story brought them together after too many years apart, so they know what’s important and what isn’t. In planning their intimate ceremony on the family farm in Apline, Tennessee, they chose to focus on each other and their closest relatives. They got dressed in their beautiful farmhouse, with Chuck’s daughter and Alyssa’s mom putting finishing touches on the beautiful bride and then they met behind the barn for a secret first look before walking hand

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Karlie & Alex – Sentimental September Wedding at the Saltbox Inn, Cookeville, TN

Karlie and Alex are both such beautifully selfless and kind people. They met one night after a hard day and immediately clicked and have been inseparable since. Karlie is very laid back and Alex is a gentle structure for her. Alex can be quiet at times and Karlie can bring the party out of him like no one else can. It’s a perfect union really. Their opposites are each other’s strengths in a way that could only be orchestrated by God. We loved this wedding day and this sweet couple. We can’t thank their sweet friends and family enough for

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Shelley & Harold’s Simply Elegant Summer Elopement at The Clark House, Livingston TN

Shelley and Harold are both incredibly strong individuals. Their love story has weaved in and out of their lives. Though they knew each other since they were children, their paths had taken them in difference directions until it finally merged back together again 16 years later. Both are working professionals with children, and both have acquired a wisdom that is quiet yet strong, and their love is beautiful. Their love is hopeful, peaceful, and it has a history and a future that speaks volumes to those who witness it. We are honored to have captured their beautiful day and because

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Erin & Luke – Emotional Wedding of High School Sweethearts at Duck Pond Manor, Tennessee

Erin and Luke have waited for their wedding for a very long time. From high school and praying for future spouses, to realizing it was each other, and all the way to June 2019, this couple has essentially grown up together. They match perfectly, and on their wedding day, emotions ran high as this couple realized their fate was now sealed…in the best of ways! Another stormy June day threatened us, but thankfully the rain knew our schedule and waited until everyone was inside to drop down on us. This is one wedding where a first look definitely paid off

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Emily & Quyen – Chic Blush Summer Wedding at Green Door Gourmet, Nashville, Tennessee

This day. We had anticipated just how great it would be ever since Emily and Quyen got engaged. We knew this adorable couple would have the sweetest ceremony, but we never could have imaged just how touching this wedding would be. The forecast looked bleak and the wonderful planner began working her magic inside the barn  of Green Door Gourmet in Nashville. We planned for rain all day as storm clouds rolled over, so we arrived with plenty of umbrellas to go around. But as we went inside and greeted Quyen, then Emily, the atmosphere inside was so amazing we

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Katie & Josh – Elegant Summer Wedding at Duck Pond Manor, Tennessee

Katie and Josh are such a precious couple. These engineering graduates who love to swing dance have been awaiting their wedding day for quite some time. They go together so effortlessly and have so much in common. Their day was extra special because family was closely involved and remembered. There were so many special touches that made the day uniquely them. From swing dance lessons, to their own Whiskey, to a fireworks show at the end – it was a beautiful Memorial Day weekend with this couple. Together they planned this day that would start their future, and it was

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Hannah & John – Family Centered Outdoor Wedding at Standing Stone State Park, Tennessee

Hannah and John have a beautiful story. They found their way to each other in the most perfect timing and their devotion to each other is unmistakable. John is absolutely smitten with Hannah (and rightly so – she’s radiant!) and Hannah seems to melt when John holds her tight. They are family-oriented and aren’t afraid to show emotion or talk openly about the future. It’s honest, it’s raw and it’s refreshingly beautiful. Their wedding day at Standing Stone State Park was casual and fun, but held sentiments of their most important aspects: their family, and each other. Many of their

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Hannah & David – Intimate May Elopement in Cummins Falls, Tennessee

  One of the first things Hannah said to me in our first phone meeting was “we are freaking hilarious!” And you know what, she was right. But she forgot to mention just how precious they were together too. David, a little quieter but just as witty, is absolutely smitten with Hannah and I can tell Hannah would do absolutely anything for David. The two had a chance encounter that “wouldn’t amount to anything” and yet, here they are – married. This fun-loving couple chose Cinco de Mayo to elope, and at her parents’ home near Cummins Mill, they had

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