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Emma & Easton – Simply Spring Engagement in Cookeville, Tennessee

Emma and Easton are getting married this fall, so spring was the PERFECT time for their engagement session. There was just one problem: a major world pandemic! Who would have ever guessed we’d have small businesses (ours included) shut down by the government for our own safety, but thanks to the coronavirus, we sure did. Thankfully we had these scheduled before it was mandatory to shelter-in-place, and we had the most gorgeous spring day. We were careful, sought advice of doctors (yes, for real) and were able to capture the adorable love these two have for each other. They’re the

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Nicole and Perry – Cool Fall Engagement Session in Downtown Cookeville Tennessee

Nicole and Perry are artistic, adventurous, and most of all, utterly in love with each other. We met these two college professors and knew instantly they were completely and fully given to each other. Their love shone brighter than the sun during their engagement session. As the beautiful leaves turned and fell, we had a cool and crisp fall day to walk around Dogwood Park and Downtown Cookeville (including the Depot) before finishing up at their favorite spot to end the week: Red Silo Brewery. We laughed a ton and their session was so relaxed and fun. Perry is an

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Whitney & Josh – Crisp Fall Lake Engagement Session at Edgar Evins State Park, Tennessee

Whitney & Josh both walked a challenging road but when it led them to each other, they felt it instantly. Their story is all the more beautiful because of the waiting. These two love spending time on the lake and hanging with their adorable and precious pup, so this spot was special and perfect for their engagement session. The leaves held on and turned orange just in time, and the sun blessed us with its warm glow on this crisp and chilly day. We have known Whitney for around 15  years, and our hearts are so full to see her

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Maddie & Tyler – Playful Fall Engagement Session with Mountaintop Views and Football Fields, Cookeville TN

Maddie & Tyler have such fun personalities. They met during high school football – Maddie a manager, Tyler a player. Since both are outdoorsy and adventurous, we opted for Bee Rock as our first location, and then we hit the Friday Night Lights (on a Monday) for some reminiscing of the beginning of their love story. This couple couldn’t have been more laid back and trusting of us. We had a blast wading through the sea of lady bugs at Bee Rock (I accidentally swallowed one. 0 of 10, do not recommend) and had a tremendously beautiful day of sunshine

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Emily & Wade – Cozy Fall Engagement with Starbucks and Fall Leaves, Cookeville Tennesse

Emily and Wade turned their friendship into love over Starbucks coffee. So, it was fitting for us to capture some of their engagement session at that very spot. These two are so much fun to be around and their love for each other is clear. Emily leans in to Wade’s reassuring arms and his sense of humor lightens the air. Wade seems to be strengthened by Emily’s adoration as her shining eyes spur him on to be the best version of himself for her. It’s a beautiful dance they have and we thoroughly enjoyed our time photographing them. Without further

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Emily & Quyen – Sweet Springtime Engagement Session in Cookeville, Tennessee

    Emily and Quyen are some of the sweetest people we’ve ever met. Both soft-spoken yet they instill a quiet confidence about themselves and their relationship. Emily looks at Quyen with pure adoration in her eyes and Quyen has nothing but gentleness in his love for Emily. It’s incredibly beautiful and inspiring. In planning their engagement session, we had hoped for spring blooms but just as buds started popping out, we were deterred by storms on two separate dates we chose, so finally we changed plans last minute in hopes to catch these perfect dogwood blooms. We were blessed

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2018 – Best of Weddings and Engagements

2018, like many years before it, was beautiful. It was filled with a handful of busy seasons and a couple of seasons of rest. But it also was a little more relaxed as we got to document the love of several family members too. And honestly, many weddings we had this year felt like family even if they weren’t.  We are constantly amazed at the couples who find us and trust us to capture one of their life’s pinnacle events. Who you marry is one of THE most important decisions of your life and the wedding is the celebration of

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Katie & Josh – Cozy Rainy Fall Engagement Session in Gainesboro, Tennessee

It was time to leave for the session, but we were on the phone with our clients who we should be meeting in only 45 minutes. The weather had tricked us and turned into rain at the last minute. As we each looked at our calendars to reschedule, suddenly, she said “If it won’t hurt your cameras, let’s just do them in the rain!”  Our cameras are weather sealed, we had a clear umbrella, and so we put our boots on and out we went, in the dreary, cool fall weather that decided to arrive just a day too soon.

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