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Emily & Quyen – Sweet Springtime Engagement Session in Cookeville, Tennessee

    Emily and Quyen are some of the sweetest people we’ve ever met. Both soft-spoken yet they instill a quiet confidence about themselves and their relationship. Emily looks at Quyen with pure adoration in her eyes and Quyen has nothing but gentleness in his love for Emily. It’s incredibly beautiful and inspiring. In planning their engagement session, we had hoped for spring blooms but just as buds started popping out, we were deterred by storms on two separate dates we chose, so finally we changed plans last minute in hopes to catch these perfect dogwood blooms. We were blessed

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2018 – Best of Weddings and Engagements

2018, like many years before it, was beautiful. It was filled with a handful of busy seasons and a couple of seasons of rest. But it also was a little more relaxed as we got to document the love of several family members too. And honestly, many weddings we had this year felt like family even if they weren’t.  We are constantly amazed at the couples who find us and trust us to capture one of their life’s pinnacle events. Who you marry is one of THE most important decisions of your life and the wedding is the celebration of

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Katie & Josh – Cozy Rainy Fall Engagement Session in Gainesboro, Tennessee

It was time to leave for the session, but we were on the phone with our clients who we should be meeting in only 45 minutes. The weather had tricked us and turned into rain at the last minute. As we each looked at our calendars to reschedule, suddenly, she said “If it won’t hurt your cameras, let’s just do them in the rain!”  Our cameras are weather sealed, we had a clear umbrella, and so we put our boots on and out we went, in the dreary, cool fall weather that decided to arrive just a day too soon.

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Erin & Luke – Romantic Downtown Engagement Session in Cookeville, Tennessee

Erin and Luke have been an item for 5 years now. After much prayer and a lot of heart searching, they made their commitment official not too long ago with a ring and a wedding plan. Luke is a tech-genius and Erin has a heart for teaching, but they both share a deep faith in God and are active in their church. When we met with these two, we instantly hit it off. Not only did we discover we have several mutual friends, but we also share a lot in common – in fact, Luke is a photographer himself! This

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Amanda & Chandler – Sentimental Hometown Engagement Session in Cookeville, Tennessee

Brandon has been friends with Chandler longer than I’ve even known him. Chandler and his family have always been so good to Brandon, and to me as well. We’ve loved our friendship with him and have watched him and walked beside him through some highs and a lot of lows. When Chandler met Amanda, we were so excited to hear about her. But after Chandler was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor and had surgery to remove it, we really saw Amanda in action. She was so devoted and caring, always by his side and there for every step of

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Stacie & Trey – Summer Downtown Knoxville City Engagement

Stacie & Trey travelled from their home in Atlanta all the way to Knoxville for their engagement session because of the special place the downtown area holds in their hearts. Their story began while students at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, and though they didn’t immediately hit it off, (and because Trey didn’t reply to Stacie’s message for an entire year!!), they sure have made up for it since. Last Christmas, Trey took Stacie back to the scene of their first encounter. This time, he was prepared with a plan to woo her into becoming his wife. They went

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Allison & Jonathan – Fresh Summer UT Botanical Gardens Engagement

Allison and Jonathan (“Nonnie”) have been together for years. They have, in a way, grown into adulthood together. Their love goes way back and it’s been tested and has stood true. Allison found us via instagram and luckily we had an unexpected opening on their wedding day, so she started chatting with us and before we knew it we had a skype date and got to meet the family. Nonnie was about to put their ADORABLE 2-year-old down but we got to chat with him long enough to immediately like him as well as Allison. And although our photo session

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Anessa & Luke – Family Farm Engagement Session in Granville, Tennessee

We had just pulled up to the wedding, and beside our car walked a bridesmaid named Anessa. She greeted us warmly, kept a smile on her face all day in the blistering June heat and was so helpful in her duties to her bride Julianne (wedding here). Luke was the groom Jake’s brother and the most loyal and loving best man we’d ever seen. He’s not afraid to show emotion, which we LOVE. After the wedding we kept up through facebook and watched as the two graduated high school and eventually got engaged. When Anessa contacted us about her wedding,

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Amanda and TJ – Spring Engagement Session at Standing Stone Park

We have known about Amanda for a long while before actually getting to meet this lovely lady. She is an outgoing, incredibly caring and inspiring individual. And she has waited faithfully for her Prince Charming. Enter TJ. He is a quiet soul but a strong and loyal one. These two complement each other as opposites yet share a deep abiding faith and ability to pursue love above all else. Their story is a beautiful one of the Lord’s provision and we will share more when we blog their wedding, but right now we cannot wait any longer to share their precious engagement

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Planning your Engagement Session Part 2: For the Ladies

No matter how beautiful we think our brides, every single one has an area they are self-conscious about. It’s sadly normal in our culture, and we are aware of that reality. So, here are some tricks for minimizing your areas of concern during your engagement portraits. THE BODY AS A WHOLE Choosing a flattering silhouette and colors for your body is important. It can be fun and helpful to have an honest friend guide you when it comes to choosing waistlines and silhouettes. An a-line dress is the most flattering on a majority of ladies, while a nice body-hugging dress

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