Alicia & Matthew – Wedding Part 2

So, now that you’ve read about and seen the images from the October wedding, it’s time for the rest of the story. If you’ve not yet read the last post, click here.


Alicia’s father, who courageously walked her down the aisle in October, wasn’t able to recover and sadly, he passed away before her originally scheduled wedding in June. Although he was called away in February, she will always have the images of him giving her away, holding her tight, and seeing her in her wedding dress because of that special fall wedding. Since that day was a smaller affair all about family, Alicia still had the dream of dancing the night away under a tent with all of her friends in celebration of her union with Matthew. So, their amazing families decided to go through with the June wedding as well.


As you know, we’ve had THE rainiest year! Over half of our weddings this year have had rain, and many of our couples who’ve dreamed of beautiful outdoor ceremonies have been forced to move their vows indoors. As was so for Alicia and Matthew. Already legally married in October, this newlywed couple saw the black clouds approaching and made the decision to move the ‘vow renewal’ under the tent. Still just as special, and at least their guests would be dry.


On the mantle behind the couple as they faced each other in front of their friends and family was Alicia’s father’s pilot hat. A reminder and symbol that he was still with them, there it sat proudly on display. But after the ceremony, the most amazing thing happened – a rainbow popped out in the sky. A double rainbow, no less. And it was as if he had put in a special order just for his baby girl. I don’t think anyone there doubted that it was at least a good solid possibility. So so touching.


And so they danced. This couple, surrounded by all of their loved ones, danced the night away. It was such a fun evening and an amazing sight to see the peace, joy and love that each person had for these newlyweds. And so, with that, here is wedding number 2 for Alicia and Matthew. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind if this was an annual occurrence. They know how to party!



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