Caitlyn & Ben – Rustic and Elegant Fall Wedding in the Heart of Cookeville, Tennessee

A girl from Tennessee and a boy from South Carolina met in Colorado. She was a nurse, he was in the military. It must have been fate, because they’re a truly perfect match. Their wedding day wasn’t like all the rest. Sure, it followed the routine of a normal wedding day, but what this one had sprinkled all throughout, was personality. Caitlyn and her family are fun-loving and very close knit. Ben and his groomsmen were all military special forces, so you’d think there would be little emotion…and you’d be wrong. This couple and their families and friends shed more tears than we’ve seen all year, and we loved how special their day was.

The day started at the bride’s home in the middle of downtown Cookeville, where all the girls helped her get ready – including her pup. After the giggles of the dress going on, we walked downstairs to an emotional father-daughter first look. Though they use humor and silliness to fight the tears, it was clear this daddy/daughter duo is tight. We saw the emotions yet again when Caitlyn walked down the aisle to Ben. He was overwhelmed at the sight of his gorgeous bride who was already fighting to keep her composure during the walk down the stairs at the beautiful and special Dogwood Park. Their ceremony was packed with meaning and we love that they pulled in the Colorado feel with aspens and fall color on this chilly and perfect October day.

The reception was one of the most fun we’ve seen, and because everyone who was invited was such close friends of the family, everyone got their groove on and hung out with these guys until nearly midnight – dancing, eating and celebrating. A light-saber tunnel and vintage car exit were all that was left to wrap the day up with just the right amount of fun and elegance. Even as I write this I know my words will never compare to the feelings of this very special day, so hopefully the photos will portray the love the way it deserves. Enjoy…


Burying the bourbon is a tradition not widely recognized in the south, but it was fun to see Ben dig it up and share a toast with the bridal party

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