Chris and Heather – Engaged

Earlier this year, Brandon and I had an opportunity that got us super excited. We follow photography blogs and chat with photographers from all over the country, and deep down (well, not too deep really), I’ve always thought it would be so amazing to do a session in New York City. Well, as luck would have it, we got a call from Chris and Heather – who just happen to live in NYC. They called to see about us doing photography at their wedding in Tennessee. If you missed it, check out their wedding here.


Anyway, as options for engagement sessions were discussed, I jokingly threw out the idea of doing it in NYC. I knew it was a long shot, and didn’t expect it to work out, but it did. And so this summer, Brandon and I loaded our gear up on a plane and left the quiet backyard and hamburgers on the grill for the honking of horns and hot dogs from a street vendor. It’s a place like no other. Constant movement, art all around, and stories everywhere you turn. We loved it. But we truly loved our time with this awesome couple.


We only had one chance – and the rain clouds tried to ruin it. But Brandon and I hailed a pedi-cab and rode 50-something blocks to Chris and Heather’s studio apartment which had an amazing view of the city. “Is this real life?” I said to myself as we grabbed our cameras and said hello to their adorable puppy.

Anyway, then we moved onto Central Park and the rain worked in our favor by scattering the thousands of tourists that normally would be around. It was a wonderful session finished off with an amazing dinner at “this place we know” that Chris and Heather led us to. The experience is one we are so grateful for and will never forget. After dessert, they hopped in a cab and we hugged them goodnight, trying to plan for ways to meet up with them again.  We are so blessed to meet such amazing people doing what we do, and these two are absolutely no exception.




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