Emily & Matt – Stormy Vineyard Wedding at Del Monaco in Baxter Tennessee


Sometimes it rains on a wedding day. Sometimes, there are tornado warnings on a wedding day. Emily and Matt’s big day was full of rain, AND tornado warnings. Luckily they both had AMAZING attitudes and cared only about finally marrying each other, rain or shine. Their wedding plans were vast, and they chose a location with a great covered area that still had natural beautiful soft light and protected these guys from the high winds and pelting rain. There were brief stints which we broke outside as the skies cleared, and it was absolute perfection. I truly think that more than anything, Matt and Emily were truly just so happy to be where they were, and that on that day they would become husband and wife, titles they had dreamt about for so many years of their time together.


With an amazing support team of vendors and bridal party, their family and friends gathered around inside the lovely ball room and watched as this glowing bride walked grinning toward her groom. His dad, standing proudly between them helped them vow the rest of their lives to one another and I can guarantee you the weather wasn’t on ANYONE’S mind at that point. Tears and smiles were all the showered this couple for the rest of their day, as they danced and celebrated in pure joy at their union. We can’t thank them enough for their graciousness, their patience and their trust as we worked hard to capture these portraits that would be forever etched in their memories, and will be proudly displayed in their album for generations to come.


Matt and Emily, you made a hard job easy with your precious personalities, and we are so happy for you guys. AND, we can’t wait to see you again very soon!


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