Emily & Quyen – Chic Blush Summer Wedding at Green Door Gourmet, Nashville, Tennessee

This day. We had anticipated just how great it would be ever since Emily and Quyen got engaged. We knew this adorable couple would have the sweetest ceremony, but we never could have imaged just how touching this wedding would be. The forecast looked bleak and the wonderful planner began working her magic inside the barn  of Green Door Gourmet in Nashville. We planned for rain all day as storm clouds rolled over, so we arrived with plenty of umbrellas to go around. But as we went inside and greeted Quyen, then Emily, the atmosphere inside was so amazing we didn’t even care if the rain came.

These two were beaming with joy as they read each others’ notes – one every hour until the ceremony. And by the time we went out for portraits, we certainly had to battle the elements…just not the ones we thought. Sun! That sun popped out and forced us into shaded spots as we cooled down from the powerful heat. The wind was a relief as it helped tame the temps but it also had another job – to showcase Emily’s cathedral veil. Oh what gorgeous details this couple chose, from start to finish. But all the more beautiful was Emily’s smile and Quyen’s raw emotion at seeing his gorgeous bride walk toward him. Emily’s father had shared with us about the beginning of their relationship and how Quyen’s faith blossomed through Emily, and my heart swelled at the power of this perfect love.

So, let’s get to the photos of this amazing duo and you’ll see just how beautiful their wedding day truly was. Not a drop of rain ruined our photos and we had the best time celebrating with these fine families until the end of the night. Take a look for yourself!

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