Hearts in the Shower

When Brandon and I remodeled my grandmother’s 1963 house to live in (ok who am I kidding, Brandon did all the work), we knew we were going to be making some pretty drastic changes. One thing we both wanted was a spa-like master bathroom. The design included a large glass door (honesty time: I was not looking forward to cleaning that beast, but turns out it’s not that bad).

Anyway, do you remember as a child on long car rides breathing on the window and then drawing on the foggy spot? I think all kids do it. My parents didn’t love when I did it, but there was always the urge. I know you know what I’m talking about. So on one of or first evenings in the house, I walked into the bathroom after Brandon had taken a shower, and there was, proudly displayed on the large shower door, a heart. When I saw that steamy heart, my heart melted. You’d think it was an artistic masterpiece. Something about feeling like a child again, but feeling so loved and being caught off guard by it all at the same time just spoke to me. What sweet thoughtfulness that even though I wasn’t in the room, my husband was thinking of me and wanted me to know it, even if I found out later.

So, now it’s a regular thing – we leave each other sweet messages to find later. Often its hearts on the shower door, sometimes it’s sticky notes (you know I love me some sticky notes), and other times it’s Brandon filling my car up with gas or me picking him up some of his favorite things at the grocery store. Sweet or goofy, big or small, these things are what make a big impact on how loved we feel.

The point is, when you’re married, it’s easy to go on cruise control and think they just know you love them. But from day to day we tend to let life slip in and distract us, to cause us to think those little reminders aren’t necessary. But they so are. Even in the mundane everyday tasks, to know you were on their mind is a pretty big deal. Marriage isn’t about all the big events like the wedding, anniversaries, romantic outings or milestones.

A great marriage is made in the small things, day after day, showing each other “I still choose you.” And at the end of our lives, I’m sure all those seemingly insignificant and minuscule displays of love would add up and trump all the flowers, jewelry and romantic meals put together.

So, fill up your loved one’s “love tank” by surprising them with the smallest of gestures, and I’m certain it won’t be small to them. Hearts in the shower or notes in the sock drawer – show your honey that you’re thinking of them and leave it for them to find later. It’s usually just when they need it most!

If you have fun ways you surprise your love with love, feel free to share it in the comments. We can all use fresh ideas. Am I right? Now, go share the love ♥

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