Katherine & Jeremy ~ Engaged

Katherine and Jeremy recently got engaged and gave us a shout about wedding photography. Jeremy is quite a photography hobbyist himself, so his questions and discussion about photography got us excited. They are planning a sweet and intimate wedding in a historic village in Monteagle, TN, and it sounds so beautiful. For their engagement session, we met up with them in Nashville, and we started at the spot where they met, a local coffee shop. It was super sweet to see them sitting at the very table where they had their first conversation, and I wondered what they discussed, everything so new and all. But as they sat across the table during our engagement session with her gorgeous ring on her hand and the glow of a beaming bride, I just smiled to myself at how things work out so perfectly sometimes.

This couple was super fun, and we enjoyed learning more about their journey as a couple as we went to a few different spots in the Nashville area. We enjoyed this session so much: from their thoughtful locations, to the fun ideas and props they brought along…but mostly how it seemed like the whole world melted away when they were holding each other. We cannot wait for the wedding! Here are a few of our favorite images from their afternoon.

Seriously…this ring…AMAZING! Just to share again how our different styles mesh…

Brandon’s shot above, Lindsay’s below (pretty close to the same moment, but very different feel, yes?)
And a little of Brandon’s blue sky action below…Now THIS is a SKY!!! Wow! (All Brandon)


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