Katie & Josh – Cozy Rainy Fall Engagement Session in Gainesboro, Tennessee

It was time to leave for the session, but we were on the phone with our clients who we should be meeting in only 45 minutes. The weather had tricked us and turned into rain at the last minute. As we each looked at our calendars to reschedule, suddenly, she said “If it won’t hurt your cameras, let’s just do them in the rain!”  Our cameras are weather sealed, we had a clear umbrella, and so we put our boots on and out we went, in the dreary, cool fall weather that decided to arrive just a day too soon. I’ll admit, there are less options when it’s raining but the forecast was just uncertain enough that we thought we just MIGHT be ok, so off we went to the cutest state park in Gainesboro, Tennessee. This was a special spot for Katie and Josh, and though we had never seen it, we trusted that it had plenty to work with, especially since we didn’t have to contend with bright sun (*the best of times, the worst of times*).

Katie and Josh met at Tennessee Tech and joined the swing dance club where they have danced together ever since. Now over 6 years later, they’re dancing into forever with a wedding next May. Their engagement session proved to us a few things: 1) that they were people of their word, 2) that they can make the best of any situation as long as they’re together (i.e. they don’t complain), and 3) that they love to have fun and be silly!

This session was perfect (even if I had a crisis in my head about a possible downpour) and we used trees to cover us so that even when it did sprinkle, it didn’t flatten Katie’s nice hairdo. You’ll note some subtle rain in the background several images – raindrops were even visible in the lake). We avoided most of the sprinkles until the end when we broke out the trusty clear umbrella, which made for lovely intimate photos as well.

We truly loved our time with this couple and hated for it to come to an end, but we’ll have another whole day with them on their wedding day, and we truly can’t wait for what is in store for them!

Josh designed this ring (as well as the box he used to carry it to the proposal.) How amazing!

“We wish the leaves had changed so it looks more like fall.” – them

“Oh girl, believe us, this will still look like fall.” – us

Can’t get over this ring design. Way to go Josh!

Check out our instagram for the BTS of me laying on the concrete dock for this shot…You know we just had to end by “Dancing in the Rain” – for real though…

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