Leslie & Ty – Wedding

Leslie and Ty have been together for soooo long, they practically grew up together. As the pastor told us about their history during the ceremony, I realized they have basically grown into a couple as much as they’ve grown into themselves. It’s unique to have a couple that’s been together for  years and have waited for the perfect time to finally solidify their vows. The relationship that these two have is a beautiful one. It’s mature, even though these two are still young. Ty will do anything to make sure Leslie’s taken care of, and Leslie just bubbles with joy that infects their relationship with even more goodness. We absolutely LOVE these guys and had a wonderful day capturing their photos and witnessing the start of their new chapter.

The first look…So I have to say…even when a couple has a first look, it doesn’t stop the groom from becoming emotional during the bride’s processional. And it gets me every time.I have to interject again here. Below you’ll see the “kiss”. Yes, we got an image (or two or three) of the actual kiss, but this moment riiiiiight before…swoon!

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