Marriage – Better together

As wedding photographers you know we love love. We live for the stories, the stolen glances, the hands intertwined, the firsts. But we also firmly believe in marriage. AND the power of a good marriage. We want more for our clients than a beautiful wedding, we want their marriage to LAST. To be one that shines. That makes an impact.

Good Marriage

I mean, a good marriage is something we all want, right? Writing about marriage has been something I’ve always wanted to do but never felt quite qualified. Because I’m not perfect, because I don’t have the accolades for it, and because I believed no one cared what I’d have to say. But when spending time with our engaged and newly married couples I learned that Brandon and I CAN offer pretty darn good advice. We’ve had ups and downs like everyone but our marriage is going strong at almost ten years. So we must be doing something right, right?

New to the blog, I’ll be adding content into the MARRIAGE MUSINGS category. Here you’ll find stories, advice and laugh along with us as we journey through marriage together, with you. We invite you to stroll down memory lane AND look ahead with us as we offer whatever insight we feel will encourage you in your own relationship. So, today, as our first entry, we start with this topic:

Marriage – Better Together. 

When Brandon and I got engaged, my prayer was not only for me to be a good wife to him, but also that we would be better together than we would be as two individuals. Looking back almost ten years, I can clearly see now that my prayer is being answered. Individually, we had Lindsay who liked taking pretty photos and caring for people and we had Brandon who was a tech geek and overall fixer of many things. Together we have built a business using each of our strengths that serves couples who are entering into marriage themselves. Though we clearly still have weaknesses, we have found that usually the other of us can cover it with grace and love so that it doesn’t pull us down into the muck.

Two are better than one… if one of them falls, the other can help him up.


Marriage can be really really good but it can also be really hard at times. When your goal is to better each other as individuals (a lot of times meaning we have to put the other’s needs in front of our own) instead of taking the easy route and waiting for your partner to fulfill you, your relationship will thrive. This is good for not only you but for other people around you! Think about your strengths and your partner’s strengths. How can you encourage your honey in a certain area to develop their gifts even more? How can you use YOUR strengths and gifts to better love your spouse? We aren’t talking about changing who they are, but capitalizing on their best and making it even better. It’s showing them their really great qualities so they can be more aware of them. Doing this will help them to not miss opportunities to help others by using what they’re well equipped with! Brandon and I believe that a big part of life is serving those around us, so what better way to do that than using what we’re good at to bless others.



So, think about how you can be better together and use your talents and wonderful characteristics to be a great spouse AND to pull the best our of your spouse. Sharing your lives in this way, you really become ONE and use your relationship to it’s fullest. Dream big and love bigger, friends. Make yours a marriage that not only fulfills you both, but also blesses those around you!

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