Planning Your Engagement Session Part 3: For the Fellas

Over the last two weeks we’ve been talking about dressing for your engagement session. First we talked about styling your session for a classy feel, and then we addressed some specifics for the ladies. Today’s post will be all about the fellas.

You know, we know it: men look awesome in a suit. Your guy might not be keen on the idea of wearing a suit any more than he has to, (honestly in the ten years we’ve been married I’ve only gotten Brandon to wear a suit 4 times!) but when he dresses up to match your classy look, it pulls the whole shoot together.

As with ladies’ ensemble, we recommend a solid instead of a pattern or pinstripe. We want the focus on you two, not being distracted by a pattern. Tightly spaced stripes give off a strange wavy effect (called moiré) in photos, so we recommend avoiding those small and tight patterns.

Most brides will choose their look first before deciding on their groom’s attire. This helps because we always recommend the outfits to be in the same color palette so they aren’t competing for attention. Having colors in the same family but not matching will help bring the overall look together.

And to kick it up a notch, have an element of your guy’s attire match you: for example if you are in a blush pink skirt with ivory top and light blue jewelry, he could wear a navy blazer with a light blue or light pink tie or pocket square. We find that most of the time, greys and navys will pair well with most color families and will easily complement well with a bit of color in a tie, shirt or pocket square. Your blue skirt might compliment a blue tie, or match your earrings to his shirt. Any little pops of a similar color will bring the look to a more cohesive feel.

Don’t want the whole suit? That’s ok. We do think a blazer is a great piece because it broadens and defines a man’s shoulders and upper body. This is a perfect opportunity to invest in a piece (either a whole suit or just a jacket) that he will wear for years to come, so we highly recommend a great fitting. Finding a tailored look is a bit tougher, but there are still off-the-rack pieces that can fit well and accentuate your man’s features.

For a more casual take, we love a layered look: blazers, vests and sweaters can all be great over a button up (and even a tie) so don’t be afraid to layer even if it’s warm out.

Long pants and close-toed-shoes are a must for our guys – this draws all the attention to the face you know and love, without having any distractions. And all our men need a great pair of brown leather shoes, so it is a great time to invest in that as well.

Now that we’ve covered the clothing, let’s chat next time about adding props in to your engagement session! Stay tuned.

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