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Katie & Josh – Elegant Summer Wedding at Duck Pond Manor, Tennessee

Katie and Josh are such a precious couple. These engineering graduates who love to swing dance have been awaiting their wedding day for quite some time. They go together so effortlessly and have so much in common. Their day was extra special because family was closely involved and remembered. There were so many special touches that made the day uniquely them. From swing dance lessons, to their own Whiskey, to a fireworks show at the end – it was a beautiful Memorial Day weekend with this couple. Together they planned this day that would start their future, and it was

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Hannah & John – Family Centered Outdoor Wedding at Standing Stone State Park, Tennessee

Hannah and John have a beautiful story. They found their way to each other in the most perfect timing and their devotion to each other is unmistakable. John is absolutely smitten with Hannah (and rightly so – she’s radiant!) and Hannah seems to melt when John holds her tight. They are family-oriented and aren’t afraid to show emotion or talk openly about the future. It’s honest, it’s raw and it’s refreshingly beautiful. Their wedding day at Standing Stone State Park was casual and fun, but held sentiments of their most important aspects: their family, and each other. Many of their

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Hannah & David – Intimate May Elopement in Cummins Falls, Tennessee

  One of the first things Hannah said to me in our first phone meeting was “we are freaking hilarious!” And you know what, she was right. But she forgot to mention just how precious they were together too. David, a little quieter but just as witty, is absolutely smitten with Hannah and I can tell Hannah would do absolutely anything for David. The two had a chance encounter that “wouldn’t amount to anything” and yet, here they are – married. This fun-loving couple chose Cinco de Mayo to elope, and at her parents’ home near Cummins Mill, they had

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2018 – Best of Weddings and Engagements

2018, like many years before it, was beautiful. It was filled with a handful of busy seasons and a couple of seasons of rest. But it also was a little more relaxed as we got to document the love of several family members too. And honestly, many weddings we had this year felt like family even if they weren’t.  We are constantly amazed at the couples who find us and trust us to capture one of their life’s pinnacle events. Who you marry is one of THE most important decisions of your life and the wedding is the celebration of

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Anessa & Luke – Faith filled Winter Church Wedding in Sparta Tennessee

You know from our engagement session post (here) just how much we love these two kiddos. Anessa and Luke may be young, but they are absolutely meant for each other and not only does everyone know it, most importantly THEY know it. They have been faithful to each other and their relationship throughout high school and now college. Since they have wonderful mentors, they each have learned about marriage in the best of ways and after being engaged for a year already, decided not to wait any longer for their June wedding. They were ready and things simply fell into place

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Amanda & Chandler – Wintery Wedding at Duck Pond Manor in Sparta, Tennessee

Doing the wedding of close friends is always a unique and truly special honor. One of the main things we seek to establish with our clients is trust, and with our friends we get to skip that phase since they already know and trust us. We can guide them, offer ideas and suggestions and help them in a deeper way than we would be able to as guests. We enjoy getting to see friends and family we know and love, and the atmosphere is relaxed and sometimes silly. And you know, that’s exactly what Chandler and Amanda needed. This goofy

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Caitlyn & Ben – Rustic and Elegant Fall Wedding in the Heart of Cookeville, Tennessee

A girl from Tennessee and a boy from South Carolina met in Colorado. She was a nurse, he was in the military. It must have been fate, because they’re a truly perfect match. Their wedding day wasn’t like all the rest. Sure, it followed the routine of a normal wedding day, but what this one had sprinkled all throughout, was personality. Caitlyn and her family are fun-loving and very close knit. Ben and his groomsmen were all military special forces, so you’d think there would be little emotion…and you’d be wrong. This couple and their families and friends shed more

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Stacie & Trey – Stylish and Romantic Fall Wedding at the Saltbox in Cookeville Tennessee

Stacie and Trey had the epitome of a perfect wedding day. They are both so incredibly kind and friendly. We felt connected from the first time we met them and it made the wedding day that much better. These two had friends and family travel from several states away just to see them say “I Do.” A fall wedding at the Saltbox Inn and Stables in Cookeville is a wonderful occasion. The trees like to show off with color and the grounds are pretty everywhere you go. With elegance stepped up a notch, Stacie paired lace and roses with chandeliers

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Anna & Blake – Sweet Family Farm Fall Wedding in Carthage, Tennessee

Anna and Blake’s wedding day was one of the smoothest, most laid back we’ve ever seen. As you can imagine, this made some people very happy (photographers included). Because Anna has known us for several years, she completely trusted us, and Blake had no hesitations either – even if photos aren’t his thing 🙂 We had a perfect day with the leaves just thinking about changing, and the overcast sky brought a low wind which cooled things down to remind us it was fall. Brandon and I joked that we each had the easier of the groups, but truth be

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Amanda & TJ – Fall Wedding at Historic Standing Stone in Livingston, Tennessee

Amanda and TJ may have taken longer than they liked to find each other, but they’re certainly making up for lost time now. These two faithful souls held a very special wedding at a very special location and invited friends that were as close as family. This isn’t hard to do with Amanda, because to know her is to love her, and I am certainly I’ve never been told “I love you” more by a bride on her wedding day. Amanda has a heart of gold and from what I hear and have seen, TJ’s matches perfectly. They are devoted

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