Hannah & Aaron – Intimate Fall Elopement in Cookeville

We met Aaron at church one Wednesday night. He was talking about his upcoming wedding and as photographers, we were curious about the photos. As it turns out, his fiance had just emailed us that very day inquiring about our services for an elopement. It took us all a while to put the pieces together but when we did it was a hilarious match made in heaven. These two are some of the most laid back and calm people, they are inseparable and very obviously in love. During our whole meeting with them we noticed them grasping each others hands the entire time, and lots of loving glances were too cute for words. Their elopement was set for a wonderful fall afternoon at the adorable Dogwood Park in Cookeville. Together with their parents, and the looming clouds that held off the rain for us, they read the vows they had written each other and continued the cute loving glances throughout.

The great thing about elopements is their simplicity. There’s a ceremony, lots of love, and then we have plenty of time for beautiful portraits of the couple. It’s pretty much perfection, and Hannah and Aaron’s day was nothing short of that. This bride radiated a beautiful glow of joy and this groom was so excited he couldn’t stop smiling. Here’s a view into our afternoon with the newlyweds.

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