Megan & Ryan ~ Engaged

We met Megan and her mom a few months ago to chat about her upcoming wedding. We fell in love with her ideas, her wedding venue, and her love for photography. But our eyes must have lit up so bright when she mentioned her father’s vintage boat and how they’d love to incorporate it for their engagement shoot.

Megan and Ryan worked at a boat dock together, so the lake is special to them, and her dad’s boat was perfect for the type of session we wanted. We knew it might be a challenge doing pictures on a moving object, but we couldn’t wait to try some cool ideas we had. And since we needed a driver for our boat while they were on Megan’s dad’s boat, I invited the best boat driver I know to come along – my dad! (below the post, you’ll see a couple of the behind-the-scenes, including the dads/chauffeurs)

It was a beautiful day – the clouds were perfect, the sun was just right, and the lake was calm and quiet for us… If only we had more time in the day – we could have just kept shooting!

Here are some of our very favorites from this session – and I know I say this a lot, but it really was hard to choose! This couple was up for anything, even if it meant getting wet. We had a blast with this couple and my dad and Megan’s dad were oh-so-patient with us! It definitely will be remembered as one of our most unique sessions. We are SO looking forward to the wedding!

And now…


We don’t normally show many  BTS shots, but these were too cute, and we want to thank our helpers as well.

Megan’s dad and neighbor were fantastic.
I love this shot Brandon got – it’s Megan’s dad driving them into the sunsetMy dad – he was awesome! Brandon behind the lens…

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