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Leah & Bo ~ Engaged

There’s so much I could say to introduce Leah and Bo to you. From the history in gymnastics Leah and I have, to her amazing mother whom I adore, to the moment I saw pictures of the beautiful mountaintop engagement posted to Facebook. But the real story here is Leah AND Bo. See, I’ve known Leah and her family for years, but when Bo came into the picture, the puzzle pieces began to line up for her. This adorable couple met at Tennessee Tech when they had a class together in the nursing building. They dated through college and he proposed

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AJ & Johnny ~ Engaged

AJ and Johnny are some of the most laid back and fun people you’ll ever meet. I don’t  know who’s more excited that we are shooting their wedding – me or AJ! When she got engaged, I was secretly hoping that we’d get a call about doing her wedding. See, AJ was a bridesmaid in a wedding we did last year, and I tell you, those bridesmaids were all fabulous and I just fell in love with AJ. So, this couple has a super cute story, and they wanted a country feel for their session. I had a friend who

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Erin & Jack ~ Engaged

We met Erin through a mutual photographer friend and even from our first ‘meeting’ (which was over skype) we just knew we loved her. She’s fun-loving and has an amazing personality. When we met up for our engagement session, she and Jack were ready to go, and even with a last minute location change, we had a beautiful setting. We started out at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens for some more traditional engagement shots, and then – because of this couple’s love for sports, and because these two met because of basketball, we decided to go a more fun route and

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Justin & Beth ~ Wedding Day

Justin and Beth were the sweet couple we met in Chattanooga for some engagement photos a few months ago. Their wedding was held in Cookeville at the First Presbyterian Church and it was one of the most calm and sweet days we’ve seen. Justin was eager to see his bride and Beth was beaming with beauty and joy. Not only that, but their friends and family were so helpful to me and Brandon the whole day – from helping me hang the dress in a tree to bringing us waters during outdoor portraits – they were the best! Beth should win an

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Andrea and Caleb ~ Newlyweds

Andrea and Caleb are one of the sweetest and most devoted couples you’ll meet. They were married in March on the day after the tornadoes and cold front swept through middle Tennessee. Hunkered in Del Monaco Winery waiting for the storm to pass during their rehearsal, I can only imagine what poor Andrea was thinking about how her wedding day might be. But the next day the sky, cool as it was, turned back to blue, and inside that beautiful room with candles all around them, these two said their vows and celebrated with friends. It was an absolutely beautiful

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{Dora & Don ~ Newlyweds}

Dora and Don were married last December in a private ceremony. So private, in fact, that I was the only witness! (Click here for photos from their wedding ceremony) Although they had set a date for a larger wedding and she had purchased her dress, they decided not to wait and so they went ahead with their vows. It was wonderful, beautiful and moving…but it left one problem: she had a gorgeous dress just sitting in the closet. So, that in mind, we discussed having a bridal session. She was eager but wanted her groom there also. So we made

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{Megan & Clayton ~ Wedding}

Megan and Clayton’s wedding last month was at the elegant Del Monaco Winery. It was a beautiful, HOT, sunny day and this couple was super excited about sharing their vows! We arrived as everyone was getting ready, and the anticipation in the place was awesome. I could go on and on about this wedding, this couple, and all of the stunning decorations and details, but I bet you’d rather see photos than read what I have to say, so, without further ado, here are some of our favorite images from their day… The grapes were nearly all gone, but I

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{Kristen & Brian ~ Wedding Day}

This is one of the most fun couples, and oh-so perfect for each other! Kristen and Brian had an outdoor wedding at Lake Frances, where they work a gymnastics camp during the summers. Both bride and groom were so completely relaxed and content on their wedding day, and their attendants were SO much fun to be around. The ceremony by the lake was super sweet, especially when Kristen began bouncing up and down with excitement; and their reception was filled with fun and crazy dancing. It was a perfect day for these two to celebrate their commitment to each other. Brandon and

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{Dora & Don ~ Elopement}

Dora and Don got engaged last October and were planning a beautiful outside ceremony for next year.  However, this fun-loving couple decided they simply couldn’t wait any longer…so they eloped! They wanted a very small, very quiet affair with no guests, so that they could just celebrate their new life together with a deeply meaningful ceremony. I loved the words that were spoken and the look they both had in their eyes for each other. Absolutely wonderful! So here are a few images from Dora and Don’s beautifully emotional ceremony.  And yes…I cried too…

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{Katie ~ Bridals}

Although I did these bridal portraits way back in the beginning of September, things got so busy this fall that I never really blogged them. Katie was one of the most carefree and brave brides I have ever worked with. She trusted my every move, and I’m so thankful for it. As we were out tromping through the field, she said to me (very nonchalantly, I might add)  “By the way, I’m terrified of snakes.” Snakes aren’t something I normally think much of, but since we were wading through some thick brush, I had her follow in my footsteps…and made

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