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The act of choosing which images to blog from each wedding is daunting. We deliver hundreds of photos from our hours spent with each couple and when we look to share those in a way that tells a story, it can be tough to narrow those images down. And then on top of that, every year we torture ourselves with the task of showcasing the highlights of EVERY wedding and EVERY engagement session from the year.

It’s so so hard, y’all! Why do we do this to ourselves?

Because it’s worth it, that’s why.

As tough as it is, we truly love going back through and scanning galleries for nuggets of gold – some large and already have been shining bright, and some smaller that may have been overlooked at first glance. It’s not only a good way for us as photographers to look back over our work as a whole and gauge our progress, but it also shows you, our followers, what an amazing set of clients we have and what kinds of special moments we are privileged to witness.

This year, along with some beautiful portraits, I wanted to pull more “moments” to share with you. More intimacy, more emotion. More of those seconds that our couples won’t ever have again. Except that now, they will. Because it was captured. Those minutes and hours of wedding day go SO FAST and it’s easy for sweet glances and tight hugs to fade away into a memory. But our job as photographers is to snag them from history and keep them as treasures for our clients. So that when our bride sees that photo of her grandma hugging her, she remembers the smell of her perfume. And when our groom sees his face in the shot of his bride walking toward him, he remembers all his feelings jumbled up in his throat. It’s why we do what we do. It’s important.

Yes we love beautiful portraits, and you’ll see those in here because that’s what we all want to see, but this year, slow your scroll and see if you can FEEL some of these images too.

2018 is already looking like another wonderful year and we are excited to have a calendar quickly filling. Until then, Enjoy!

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