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5 Random Spots to Leave a Love Note

For my last birthday, I woke up to the smell of coffee and I could hear Brandon in the kitchen. As I wandered down the hall, I noticed little blue sticky notes all over our house. Each one had a sweet or silly phrase on it that reminded me of something Brandon loved about me. Since my love language is “words of affirmation” I of course adored this little trick. In fact, only a few months later I can barely remember any other gift I received for my birthday. But with about $0.42 and a few sweet words, I will never forget how loved I felt that morning.

Even if your spouse’s main love language isn’t words of affirmation, I’d venture to say anyone would appreciate this small act of kindness. With only a pen and paper, you can show love and encouragement to your spouse at any time. Here are a few places you can hide your love notes for him/her to find as a special surprise.   

1. Underwear Drawer

We all wear underwear, right? … Right?

2. Bathroom mirror

Either in the morning before a big day, or at night after a hard day that took its toll, this is a spot he’s sure to see and your love will feel like you’re in his corner no matter what. This is one of our favorite spots to leave love notes – in fact, here’s an entire blog post about it: Hearts in the Shower

3. Car Steering Wheel

Get their engine running with a note as they hop in to head out. Our car can be a place where we encounter a lot of tension (hello road rage!) but a love note in there is sure to be a surprise that helps get them off in the right lane.

4. Lunchbox or Fridge

Though I don’t know many people who actually take a lunchbox to work, you can pop a sticky note onto his sandwich, her coffee cup, or even inside the fridge for an unexpected “cool” surprise. Bonus points – add in your love’s favorite chocolate bar as a sweet way to say you’re thinking of them.

5. On the pillow

This one is sure to be seen after a long day, and makes for a great feeling of love right before bed. Pillow talk anyone? 


So, even if this blog post is one of my shortest, I do think it’s important to remember to take a second to show love. It takes no money and very little time just to show our spouse we are thinking of them and this makes a HUGE impact. With all that’s going on in our lives on any given day, we all need to take a second and feel loved, and this little trick is by far the easiest way to do that. Try it out and let me know how this goes in the comments!


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