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Best of 2013 – Seniors and Portraits

Although weddings have come to take the major piece of pie in the pie chart for us, when we aren’t shooting love stories we are still taking family and senior sessions. It’s a major part of what we started out doing, and so there’s a big part of my heart that won’t let it go. Enjoy a few of our favorite portrait session shots!

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Portraits of 2012

Well, it seems like every year gets busier and busier. For the photography industry, being busy is good. Not just because of a number or a status. No, it’s more than that…it means that people admire, respect and trust our work. More still, it means they value what we strive to provide them – memories.   When my mother passed away suddenly just over a year ago, one of the first things I did was to go through her home and look for photos of her. At first I struggled looking through them. It was hard knowing that this was

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Baby Katherine ~ Newborn

Baby Katherine was 7 days old when we had our newborn session. She was a little early so she was still a tiny little thing. I’ve merged more to doing newborn sessions outdoors when the weather cooperates, and I simply love it. Jamie and her mom brought her new daughter all the way from Labanon just so I could capture some sweet moments for her within her first week of life. And she was a doll baby. Such a sweetie, and a great little model. I loved her session: from the homemade blankets, to the vintage picnic basket and the

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Baby Anna ~ Newborn

This little one has a story too precious not to share. Baby Anna was born in late April, and topped the scale at a mere 2.5 pounds! She was a preemie, arriving at just 31 weeks! Her little spirit has fought within her tiny body and she has thrived and grown over the last few months. On the date of our newborn session, she was still not even due to be born, and she was already several weeks old! With newborns, it’s best to get to them within the first two weeks of life to ensure a sleepy and curly

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{The Best of 2011 ~ Portraits}

So, I realize it’s halfway through February and that I’m a tad late on my “best of” posts. But better late than never, right? Well, here goes!   I didn’t think it was possible to have even more fun than we did in 2010, but 2011 proved me wrong. Brandon and I met even more amazing families, babies and seniors in ’11 and we were seriously so blessed to create such fun and memorable photos for our new friends.   We had more sessions than any prior year, and worked our cameras hard to keep up with everyone. But man,

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{Baby Silas}

Baby Silas is one cutie little guy! I had a great time during his session, and he performed (slept) beautifully for me. There are several more awesome shots of this kiddo but here are just a few. Mom and Dad, enjoy your sneak peek! Silas’s middle name is Fox. Hence, the cutest little fox outfit I’ve ever seen.  

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{Little Samuel}

I met Samuel when I did his very first baby pictures last July. He was an absolute doll baby. Here’s the proof: So when Samuel’s mom contacted me for another session, I was excited to see this little guy again! It always baffles me how quickly my clients’ babies grow, and this one was no exception. Samuel is over a year old now, which means he is a very mobile young man! This dude was running all over and had no interest in me or my camera. But then again, I’d be crazy to expect otherwise from a young toddler

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{Baby Violet ~ Newborn}

Baby Violet was one of the teeniest babies, and such a sweetie! I met Jill, Ben and Violet at their lovely home for some newborn portraits when this little one was just 11 days old, and I truly enjoyed their session. You can see just how well she slept for me, and just how much her parents are smitten with her! Here are a few of my favorites from the day. I simply loved the ‘violet’ theme we did with a few of these. Enjoy!   I couldn’t resist the flower pot. Too cute!Violet’s parents are both attorneys…

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{Baby Lyla ~ 5 months}

Little Lyla is the absoulte cutest! She has sweet red hair and gorgeous sparkly eyes! I loved my session with her, and even though she wasn’t feeling her best she still gave us a few smiles thanks to her magic daddy who bounced her and swung her to her little heart’s desire. Rachel and Jeremy are proud parents who love their daughter more than anything. It’s evident, and it’s beautiful. So, here’s a peek at some of Lyla’s 5-month photos. Dragonflies are sort of a sentimental thing for this little family. These paper machè dragonflies were made just for this

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{Baby John ~ Newborn}

Oh how excited I was to hear about baby John’s arrival! I met his mother at my very first wedding and have had the pleasure of photographing her beautiful daughter. Baby John was a teeny-weeny little guy, and he did so well for his first photo session. Mom and dad, here is your preview. I loved meeting this little dude and can’t wait to watch him grow!

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