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Jonathan & Randi – Downtown Cookeville Couple’s Session

Randi and Jonathan are an adorable Cookeville power couple – Randi runs a successful Wedding Attire and Makeup business with her mother and serves hundreds of clients a year there in addition to having her own Wedding Planning business.  Her husband Jonathan is a commercial airline pilot. Together they have remodeled a home in Cookeville and have adopted an adorable kitty since their marriage three years ago. So, when they mentioned needing new fresh photos of themselves as part of an annual tradition, we couldn’t wait to spend time with them (more than the 5 min we’d see each other at

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You Cook, I’ll Clean

When Brandon and I were newlyweds, I tried my hardest to be the perfect wife. I now know that’s an unattainable standard, but only months after the wedding I was spinning my wheels to be everything and then some. We both worked full time jobs, I was attending law school, he was teaching a Sunday school class, and we had a passion for photography that used up any spare time we actually found. It was utterly exhausting, and it wasn’t because Brandon wasn’t putting in his fair share, it was simply because I was trying to do and be everything…perfectly!

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Two Nice Things

When Brandon and I were in youth group together, we had a pretty tight group of friends. We were with all of them a lot, so naturally we’d tease. There were times that someone would go too far and accidentally (or not so accidentally) hurt someone with their words. When that happened, our amazing youth leader was always quick to jump in and make us apologize, then we’d have to say two nice things to help heal what we had hurt and boost the esteem we had just knocked down. You said something mean about someone’s appearance? You’d have to

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Numbers on the Microwave

Brandon and I got married 9 1/2 years ago. It sounds a lot longer than it feels, I promise. And since we didn’t live together before the big day, we had a lot to learn about each other’s habits when he moved in with me. For starters, let me preface…marriage is a great thing. Moving in together is an eye-opening thing. And love covers a multitude of wrongs. I’ll admit I’m a little “particular” about things. Don’t write on my calendar, don’t mess with my organized stuff, and don’t load the dishwasher because I’m going to go behind you and

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Hearts in the Shower

When Brandon and I remodeled my grandmother’s 1963 house to live in (ok who am I kidding, Brandon did all the work), we knew we were going to be making some pretty drastic changes. One thing we both wanted was a spa-like master bathroom. The design included a large glass door (honesty time: I was not looking forward to cleaning that beast, but turns out it’s not that bad). Anyway, do you remember as a child on long car rides breathing on the window and then drawing on the foggy spot? I think all kids do it. My parents didn’t

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Marriage – Better together

As wedding photographers you know we love love. We live for the stories, the stolen glances, the hands intertwined, the firsts. But we also firmly believe in marriage. AND the power of a good marriage. We want more for our clients than a beautiful wedding, we want their marriage to LAST. To be one that shines. That makes an impact. Good Marriage I mean, a good marriage is something we all want, right? Writing about marriage has been something I’ve always wanted to do but never felt quite qualified. Because I’m not perfect, because I don’t have the accolades for

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